Fantastic Tour of Scotland

Dear Cecile,

We were so happy with the whole service that I wanted to write a feedback to you the day after I landed back to Turkey. We had had an excellent time in Scotland because of your service. We first started as 7 pax with Juan and then continued as 3 with Bob as you know. It was a fantastic tour.

By the time we arrived back to Edinburg, we had more information about Scotland than our friends who have been living in Edinburg for about 10 months by now. Being with Bob in a smaller car was also great so we had a chance to ask all the questions and get the most detailed answers we could think of.

He showed us every place he can on the way. Planed our day and offered choices for restaurants. It was a great service. We will surely be back to your lovely country and will surely be using CTC again and recommending it to our friends. Thank you.


Ayca Balkir 27 Aug 2018 - Lark International Developments Ltd